MARASCO & ASSOCIATES, INC. is an architecture and consulting firm composed of professionals who are dedicated to providing quality technical and facility development assistance for outpatient medical facilities, private physician groups, hospitals and institutional clients. The firm was founded more than a quarter-century ago on the premise that commitment to client, and successful fulfillment of that commitment, will be the criteria by which its performance will ultimately be judged.
Various Project Renderings

MARASCO & ASSOCIATES, INC. is nationally recognized for developing creative architectural solutions that are functionally efficient, enhance the user's productivity, and meet the client's budgetary requirements. We continually strive to give our clients the "biggest bang for the buck". Because there is no such thing as a standard physician, there is no such thing as a standard design. Each and every one of our projects is unique and reflects the best attributes of our clients and their staff, as well as our extensive knowledge, and expertise.

We strive to remain current on the most recent developments in the medical arena. This includes the changing technologies, reimbursement rates, and legal/regulatory issues that face our clients every day. Because of the ever-changing nature of healthcare, we try to create flexible design responses that not only look at the short-term solutions, but also the long-term ramifications. We pride ourselves on our integrity, and if for any reason your project does not appear viable, we will not hesitate to recommend not proceeding forward. You don't succeed in this business for more than a quarter century by selling your clients short.