S U R G I C A L   A N A L Y S I S


Area I - Facility Analysis     Area II - Surgical Analysis     Area III - Schematic Design
A Surgical Analysis should be performed prior to the start of the design of an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), a recovery care center (RCC), a surgical specialty  hospital (SSH), or a hospital.  The goal of a Surgical Analysis is to establish the economic viability of an ASC, RCC, SSH, or hospital based on the parameters of the project.  The Surgical Analysis provides the client with the objective data necessary to make the appropriate decisions concerning a proposed project.  The fee we charge for this service is applied to the fee for Area III services if the client chooses to move forward with the project.  Our Area II - Surgical Analysis is tailored consultation service that can include all or part of the tasks listed below.
  • Project programming leading to a room-by-room space program for the proposed facility.
  • Development of estimated economic pro formas detailing the project cost, project financing, annual costs of operation rent, and return on owner equity.
  • Development of a 5 year cash flow analysis which details the revenue versus the expenses of the project (e.g. rent, staff, equipment and supplies).
  • Study of site advantages and disadvantages of site alternatives.
  • Development of a facility master plan.
  • Study of potential construction methods.
  • Study of potential finance methods.
  • Study of potential ownership methods.
  • Study of potential joint-venture relationships.
  • Provide assistance with other consultants (e.g. financial, legal, operations, development, management, equipment, etc.).