S C H E M A T I C   D E S I G N


Area I - Facility Analysis     Area II - Surgical Analysis     Area III - Schematic Design
Area III - Schematic Design is a service that is to be used in conjunction with a local architect and/or developer.  In other words, the client will be buying our medical expertise and teaming it with the regional experience of a local architect.  We believe the client receives the best product by creating this team, and it does not cost them any more than using a single architect.  The total architecture fee is simply split between MARASCO & ASSOCIATES, INC. and the local architect.  The area III - Schematic Design services are listed below.
  • Preliminary floor plan design of the facility; suite areas as well as common areas and the exterior of the building and site plan if needed.
  • Design of all casework.
  • Design drawings for outlets (electrical/telephone/data).
  • Design of nurse call systems and emergency communication systems.
  • Design of ceilings and light fixture layout.
  • Room finish and door schedules.
  • Mechanical zoning plan.
  • Outline specifications and Product Reference Guide that includes both specific materials and items and ancillary support systems.
  • Recommendations regarding soundproofing and mechanical systems.
  • Interview of local architects and contractors to provide the client with the data necessary to choose and engage a local architect and contractor to complete the construction documents and actual construction.
  • Schematic review of the final construction documents prepared by the local architect.
  • Consulting services to the client and the local architect during the preparation of the construction documents, during the actual construction and after construction.