MARASCO & ASSOCIATES, INC. has dedicated its entire practice to the planning and design of medical facilities for more than a quarter-century. Over this time, we have designed and developed thousands of projects in all 50 states and even abroad. This includes, but is not limited to: medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers, physical therapy/wellness centers, recovery centers, radiation therapy facilities, imaging & diagnostic centers, hospitals and specialty hospitals.
Various Project Renderings

At MARASCO & ASSOCIATES, INC. we do one thing and we do it better than anyone else. We have sized our office so that we can give the personal attention each and every client deserves. When you hire MARASCO & ASSOCIATES, INC., a principal of the firm will lead every meeting and will be personally in charge of your project--we only have an "A" team.

Although we focus on the architectural development of your project, we can assist you with many additional services you may need. Through the years, we have aligned ourselves with the best consultants in the medical industry. These include, Medical Equipment Planning, Ambulatory Surgery Center Development and/or Management, Legal, Project Financing, Real Estate Development, Appraisers and Practice Management. We have no financial relationship with any of these consultants, so we can honestly recommend them based solely on their merits. And because each project is unique, this allows us to provide our clients with services/consultants they need, no more, and no less.

Our approach is unique to medical projects. We offer services that are specifically geared toward medical facilities, thus exceeding the conventional services of a general practice architect. Regardless of a project size it can benefit from our in depth analysis. Due to our vast experience we will most certainly bring new ideas to the table. We have divided our service approach into three specialized areas listed above.